Tools – do I really need any more!

The answer in truth is obviously no but when one comes across some lovely quality that is also aesthetically very pleasing one can’t help but acquire.

Black Mountain Leather  Company are a family run business in the Black Mountains South Wales. Looking to support the leathercraft community with products we have struggled to get inside the U.K 

They  work closely on the design aspect and material choices in all of their tools which really shows in the quality.

Quality tools

The sanding block is a delight and will be used for my woodwork projects as much as leather.

The awl is superb and needed no sharpening or polishing. I ordered the 1.7mm  French style as they were out of stock of the 2.3mm diamond. The 1.7 is great for fine work but I will order the 2.3 diamond when I can and it is what I would recommend to most. The brass ferrule is lovely but I have added a leather washer as a cushion in case I push too hard and mark the work.

The plane I already had and is not by BML but they do have similar ones.

Suffice to say BML are highly recommended.