• Glasses Case

    An elegantly shaped glasses slip case which has been lifted to another level by the addition of a velvety soft sueded pig skin lining which is glued in and then hand sewn all around. £45.00 + P&P (does not include glasses)

  • Possibles Pouch using 2oz baccy tin

    A top of the range baccy tin survival kit in a lush wet formed leather case.  There is a belt loop on the back or you can use the dangler if preffered. This is supplied with a unique clip which can be used for other items (pics to follow). £65 (includes baccy tin but not […]

  • Medieval style belt bag

    Hand made belt bag in the medieval style with Sam Brown fastening. This bag does not have gussets so is limited in capacity but would hold phone and wallet comfortably. £60.00 + P&P

  • Open Tool Bag – Leather Trug

    I made this tool bag 3 or 4 years ago to hold may green woodwork tools including a small forest axe so it is quit long at 520mm long. It started off as pale cream coloured natural Veg Tan leather but has acquired this colour and patina over the years – This is called Natural […]

  • Note Book Kit

    This notebook kit includes, sufficient leather, 2 x notebook blocks pre drilled and with pages perforated at margin edge, 2 bras binding screws and an appropriate length of linen thread. £20 +P&P

  • Belt Kit

    A solid Brass Buckle, a 44″ (may be longer but not less than) natural veg tan belt length, Tiger thread and instructions. £12 +P&P

  • Awl

    A saddlers diamond awl mounted in a rustic Hazel handle with thumb guide, sharpened and ready to use £10 + P&P

  • Clicker Knife and Strop

    Clicker knife blade mounted in a rustic Hazel handle together with a round strop for keeping the clicker blade in pristine condition. If you strop regularly this blade should last 3-4 years. £10 + P&P

  • Cartridge Bag

    Made for a clay shooters who dont want to wear a skeet vest in the summer months – so this is worn on a belt. There is a divider in the middle of bag so that as cartridges are used they move from one side of the divider to the other. There is a pocket […]

  • Tool bag

    A classic car enthusiasts dream tool bag which can be used for all sorts of stuff!!!! eg holds 6 boxes of shotgun cartridges and shooting gloves easily –  £395 + P&P