Manorside Leather

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful team from Manorside Fabrics to give them a workshop in working with Veg Tan leather from their own stock.

They have a sister company called Manorside Leather which, as you will see from the pictures, Stocks a huge range of chrome leathers and a limited, but very useful, range of Veg Tan.

In particular you will like the natural veg tan shoulders of 2-2.5mm which are retailing  at less than £4 a square foot. In tests I carried out they accept dye very well and wet mould a treat. At the moment you can get these via etsy and I will have some in stock soon.

Laura(manager of the Redditch warehouse and shop), Freya, Liz (general manager of their 2 London stores), Lucy and Eric wanted to know more about how to handle and make things from leather and all successfully completed a purse.

Tel 01527 585 990

They are building their own website at the moment but in the meantime you can find them on Etsy:-