Leather Size of Full Butt & Belt cutting

Those of you that have done a course with me will remember me saying that I rarely buy leather from the butt as I generally use shoulder. 

However I took the opportunity of this offering from Le Prevo for a Full Butt of Italian Natural veg tan in 3-3.5mm primarily as I needed belt strips for my courses.

As you can see it is on the large size, with my kitchen floor the only place i could cut it.

It measures circa 55 inches (1400mm) in both directions and being so square is very economical for bet strips.

From this hide I could get 30 1.5inch belts at about £5.50 each.

To get the maximum number of belts out I decided to cut across the hide which was fine due to the thickness but if I had needed a few really strong belts I would have cut them vertically out of the spine area.

I used a straight edge and knife for the first cut and then the Plough Gauge or Strap cutter to cut the belt blanks.

You can see in the pictures above that the hide is so big it needed 2 x A2 and 1 x A3 cutting mats and that I use weights to help keep the straight edge still.

The strap cutter with a fresh blade does as good a job as the plough gauge at a much lower cost.