Leather & Ash Chair – Shaker Style

I have been thinking about making a chair with a leather seat and back for many years and was again spured into action by reading Otis Ingram’s book ‘Leatherworks’ which feature a similar chair and a stool/bench.

I say similar is as much as both his and mine use dowel as the main woodwork component and a very simple shaker style construction.

The dowel is Ash and comes in different diameters machined, sanded and ready to construct – for this project I have used 45mm for the legs, 1″ for the seat rails and side frame stretchers and 3/4″ for the cross stretcher.

You need just 2 forstner drill bits @ 1″ and 3/4″ to complete 12 x 1″ holes and 2 x 3/4″ holes for the whole project.

The Ash dowel and the forstner bits can be had from G&S Special Timber – www.toolsandtimber.co.uk

Apart from that you only need a hand saw and a pillar drill to complete the chair.

The leather on the back rest is wedge shaped to give more comfort by giving a rake of circa 12.5 degrees of slope from bottom to top.