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Creative Bowl
Creative Bowl

Last Thursday and Friday I had a newbie student, Alex, for and introductory course. Alex is a landscape gardener and an artist who wanted to make a folio for is sketch pad and pencil box. After completing the three introductory projects on day 1 he designed, made a pattern and constructed a piece he was delighted with.

His moulded leaf bowl really showed his creative side.


Neat Stitching
Neat Stitching

Whilst his sheath shows some really neat stitching.





The portfolio is perfect for Alex’s needs and he was thrilled with it. He summed his time up with these comments:-

“Just want to say thanks again for the last two days, it’s been brilliant, I’m going to send you some pictures I’ve just taken. I’m so happy with today’s project :)!!”

He followed this up with:-

“I spent two very enjoyable days with Rob on a one to one course,working on four projects starting with a simple purse and moving on to two wet forming projects, a leaf bowl and a knife sheath and finishing with an artists folder for my sketch book and pencils, we were able to cover all the essential skills required to get me confidently on my way with my future leatherwork projects. I left feeling  motivated and inspired and  thrilled with my results.”Alex2