Green Woodwork Items

For my Godson George’s 21st Birthday I gave the usual wallop of cash but thought he should have something for posterity but that he could use every day.

Cherry Bowl with carving in recessed bottom and with greeting card inside ready to post

[hr]More shrink pots

Here are 2 more of my efforts – On the left is an Elm body and lid with the inner bark of Elm left on pot this one 5.5 inches high to rim 7.5 to top of lid 5-6 inch in diameter – Elm worked very well nice and stable.

On the right is Cherry just 3-3.5 inch diam – inner bark beautiful with greens and browns staying put after 4 weeks and oiled nicely. Pot mainly sap wood – which cracked badly straight away – nothing to do with disc – it cracked top and bottom edges – however bark did not crack and covers cracks – the disc is now firmly in place and cracks not getting worse — hey its pretty and will hold things !! but no more Cherry I think.


Little Willow needed a chair to reach the table at home in the Yurt A few of us made the legs but I made all the other components and put it together  which took 2-3 days

I really enjoyed this one and think it is very pretty – just like its owner!!!









Five or six years ago I was inspired by a picture n the Cherry Wood Project website of a chair Tim Gatfield had made. It was a free form chair with a branch in the middle of the bow which had been cut in half and mirror imaged.

It was this that got me into green woodwork and after all this time I have now completed my own.






Just finished two more shrink pots. The first is in Sycamore with a carved lid which took a disproportionate amount of time to complete compared to making the body. The Sycamore did not shrink very much at all and the base was rattling around when it was dry. I soaked the pot in water for 24 hours after which it was 4mm bigger than when dry. I made a replacement base and slipped it in. When dry this was a tight fit.

The sycamore is very white yellowing a little with the Walnut oil treatment – next time I will try soap to keep it whiter.

The second is English elm the base has the inner bark left on for texture, while the top is cut back to the wood.

This lid is secured with a fixed pin at one end and a removable peg at the other.















The finished Shrink pot made with Sean Hellman, there is an article in stories.





A tall bar stool  which I use as a pot stand

This bowl was carved from an Ash bur. It took quit a few hours to carve it out to an acceptable fruit bowl. I gave this to my sister Sue for her 60th Birthday.




My first chair!