Dog Collars and Leads – Hand made leather

Dog lover Fleur visited me for a 2 day course to explore her love of dog collars and leads and how to make them. As well as completing the three projects for day 1 to a very high standard she made 2 collars and leads on day 2 which was very fast work.

She made a simple straight collar for Griffin, the Welsh terrier, though it was lined with pig skin suede so very lush whilst Fenn, the lurcher, received a classic shaped lurcher collar which was a double thickness of leather with a heavyweight fabric insert.

We used Hobble buckles and cast D rings from Abbey England which are top quality brass ware for the poshest pooches!

Nice dog collar
Fenn’s Fabric insert pretty and protected with Scotchgard spray
Nice Leads
Griffin & Fenn looking resplendent in their new attire.

Fleur was delighted to make one lead with the magic braid down 90% of the lead and to close the handle and clip end with copper saddlers rivets. Sewing may have been safer but we decided that she would test them to destruction to see.

Mystery braid cutting
Fleur edge beveling the magic braid strands which need to be cut very even to look clean.

The traditional trigger hook is very large so we decided to use a briddle hook as it is just as strong but smaller and looked more delicate.This was not a good decision as Fleur has now found that they can be slipped off the D ring in use.Upon testing it is now evident that because they do not swivel and can therefore twist and unclip themselves,

Rein snap swivel
Rein snap swivel from Abbey England

Fleur is going to stick with the standard trigger hooks for now, whilst I am going to give these a try – but then i will need a dog to test it on!

Fleur - 2
Mystery braid lead and non swiveling Bridle Hook which doesent work so dont copy this.

Since then I looked after a wonderful dog called Diesel for a few days and made him some new gear.

Diesel - 1
Lined with pig skin suede
Diesel - 2
The red goes nice with his brindle colours
Diesel - 3
The twisted braid is good but I feel needed the rivet
Diesel - 4
All finished