One off unique pieces & multiple items development work

As well as running the leatherwork courses I am accepting commissions for one off products designed to meet your specific needs and wants.

Please e-mail me with what you are thinking of and we will design it together – a one off piece just for you.

Retro Tool Bag with shoulder strap £375

This tool bag was commissioned by a vintage car enthusiast who wanted a retro looking tool bag to compliment his cars It measures 360x165x165mm, is made from 3.5mm Veg Tanned leather and is hand stitched with tan 1mm tiger thread.

The cost for this bag was £375

leather camera bag
My camera bag

This camera bag was commissioned by a very demanding photographer ie me – it had to be of a very specific size, construction and style. The most important element is that it is constructed around a reinforced box to protect the camera.

Something similar would be £500

Final multi purpose sheath

Multiple Items Development work

For example:- I was approached earlier this year by a garden tool specialist who wanted a quality leather sheath to compliment the very special Japanese secateurs that he sells. Initial concepts and prototypes were drawn up and sent to the client who asked for refinements such as:-

Can we make it less pointed at the bottom? can it me made to work for both left and right hip hanging?, can it be versatile enough to fit 6 or 7 different types of secateurs?

With supplementary drawings, paper patterns and prototypes completed to meet these specifications a final pattern is cut in hard plastic and a production can begin.

Batch production

Since then some 20 a month of these have been made – all by hand.

Topiary clippers

Following the success of this first design a second followed for the Topiary Clippers and then the

Garden trug tool bag

Garden Trug Tool Bag.















NiwakiThese were all commissioned by Jake Hobson a great topiary expert, author,photographer and purveyor of fantastic garden tools from Japan using his website at

I can personally vouch for many of the tools and in particular the Tobisho secateurs which I keep buying as gifts for keen gardeners.

If you click on the image it will open his website on a new page.