Advanced Green Woodwork

His First Chair With no woodwork experience at all, James  Lovick-Earl spent 9 days in July on an advanced green woodwork course with Tim Gatfield and produced this magnificent chair with crinoline stretcher and curved arm supports. James, 22 and an aspiring Police officer, was bought the course by his grandparents who had both made … Read more Advanced Green Woodwork

Steam Bending Jig

Steam Bending Jig I will add some pictures asap Inspired by failed bends and James Mursell’s book Rob Exton builds a steam bending Jig. I have been involved with many bendings over the past few years and have experienced my fair share of failures. It takes a long time preparing a blank and steaming for … Read more Steam Bending Jig

Geodesic dome

A little bit of Eden I will add more pictures in due course Project Week in the woods Many of the woodland based craft training suppliers such as Tim Gatfield’s Cherry Wood, Mike Abbots Living Wood and Gudren Leitz at Clisset wood have some form of project/development week in the Spring and/or Autumn where for … Read more Geodesic dome

Green Shoes

Green Shoes, Woodland Boots and Happy Feet I will add more pictures to this when time permits Rob Exton visits an environmentally sound and ethical producer of quality shoes to make a pair for himself. With awkward feet to shoe I have long wished I could make my own to gain some comfort and the … Read more Green Shoes

Shrink Pots

Shrink Pots with Sean Hellman Shrink Pots Are very democratic in that very few, simple tools are needed to make them, the materials are inexpensive and the skills readily learnt. Bowl carving needs more gouges to cut across the grain, whilst bowl turning needs a huge lathe and specialist tools. With shrink pots – anyone … Read more Shrink Pots