Leather & Wood Together

Bicycle and Lap Top Bags with a special twist!! For the past three years I have been racking my (not very creative) brain for a way of mixing my two hobbies of wood and leather into a few useful projects and products. I had often thought of using wood for the gussets of a bag … Read more

Unique Note Book

Unique Note Book If you are familiar with a journal you will appreciate that the pages are sewn together in groups and them bound in some form in our case of course – a leather cover. Beautiful as they are, journals have a couple of drawbacks, firstly is the expense and secondly people are reluctant … Read more

Hints and Tips – Basic Tool Kit

Basic Leatherwork Tool Kit In pulling my travel tool kit together it focused my thoughts on the essentials a beginner needs and what to advance to in the way or tool purchases. Below is my tool box with the essentials/desirables to get started in Leatherwork. From top to bottom and left to right Scalpel, Safety … Read more

Visitor from across the sea

I recently had a lovely lady over from Belfast for a weekend course in Tewkesbury who was most interested in the ancient buildings in this small town has. Deirdre is a practicing Kendo exponent wanting to make a Bogu Bag to hold her protective clothing, helmet and gloves. Whilst this was to ambitious for an … Read more

Leatherwork Clam

Saddlers clams can cost £75 and more and when I needed 8 for courses so I decided to make some myself. The first one I made was from a naturally shaped willow branch which I cleft into 2 and reversed the halves to get the required shape. With the finding of suitable branches time consuming … Read more