Camera Case & Then Bag

I bought my daughter a decent Camera in an imitation leather case and thought to make her a retro looking proper leather case:-             As you can see from this website I take a lot of pictures and need a decent sized camera as some of my work is published … Read more

Video Tutorial – Setting a copper rivet

My good friend Debs just phoned me for advice on setting copper rivets – as she is making Christmas presents for her children and driving to Devon to be with family, I thought I would make a short video for her:- Click on the picture to watch the video  

Leather workers clam V2

My clam version 1 relies on tension to hold the work which it does well but some people find is hard to open it to move the work. The biggest problem with commercially available ponies is that there are always places for the thread to catch on when sewing which is very debilitation over time. … Read more

Leather & Wood Together

Bicycle and Lap Top Bags with a special twist!! For the past three years I have been racking my (not very creative) brain for a way of mixing my two hobbies of wood and leather into a few useful projects and products. I had often thought of using wood for the gussets of a bag … Read more

Unique Note Book

Unique Note Book If you are familiar with a journal you will appreciate that the pages are sewn together in groups and them bound in some form in our case of course – a leather cover. Beautiful as they are, journals have a couple of drawbacks, firstly is the expense and secondly people are reluctant … Read more

Hints and Tips – Basic Tool Kit

Basic Leatherwork Tool Kit In pulling my travel tool kit together it focused my thoughts on the essentials a beginner needs and what to advance to in the way or tool purchases. Below is my tool box with the essentials/desirables to get started in Leatherwork. From top to bottom and left to right Scalpel, Safety … Read more

Visitor from across the sea

I recently had a lovely lady over from Belfast for a weekend course in Tewkesbury who was most interested in the ancient buildings in this small town has. Deirdre is a practicing Kendo exponent wanting to make a Bogu Bag to hold her protective clothing, helmet and gloves. Whilst this was to ambitious for an … Read more

Leatherwork Clam

Saddlers clams can cost £75 and more and when I needed 8 for courses so I decided to make some myself. The first one I made was from a naturally shaped willow branch which I cleft into 2 and reversed the halves to get the required shape. With the finding of suitable branches time consuming … Read more