Bogu Bag – Protection equipment for Kendo bag

For those of you who are Kendo enthusiasts and have found this blog due to the title you will appreciate the fine work and Japanese esthetic of this wonderful work from one of my dearest leatherwork students, Deirdre from Northern Ireland, who featured in my blog in August 2014 when she was a newbie leatherworker. … Read more Bogu Bag – Protection equipment for Kendo bag

Saddlers Clamp Workstation

This saddlers clam workstation was inspired by Nigel Armitage – (check out his YouTube Videos) it really is the most useful piece of kit for relaxing leatherwork stitching as it is totally self supporting. It was nick named stumpy by one of my students, Gareth who has since gone on to make one.

Leather Archery Gear – with a little wood thrown in!

I have teamed up with Marc Grady of:- The Longbow Emporium – near Hereford – to make leather archery gear for him. Marc is a master Bowyer  and has so many longbows to make he does not have the time to complete the leatherwork he is asked to make, so has invited me to … Read more Leather Archery Gear – with a little wood thrown in!

Clutch Bag

I have had 2 students over the past few weeks who wanted to make a small clutch bag which we achieved to their satisfaction but I was thinking on my feet a little as I have not undertaken much on a smaller scale and with narrow gussets. Post those events and with my daughters birthday … Read more Clutch Bag

Glasses Case

My Sister Lynne and her husband Peter, both wanted a softer style glasses case as their birthday present. I have made plenty of complicated ones in the past which can be fiddly and under most circumstances over engineered so I decided to revisit the simple slip case but to elevate it by adding a velvety … Read more Glasses Case