Cutting Copper Rivets

For a long long time I used standard side cutters/wire cutters to cut brass saddlers rivets t the correct length, with some difficulty! What a revelation to find that the correct tool to use is End Nippers from Maun Industries which cut through them like a hot knife through butter – highly recommended. You can … Read more

Leatherwork Secrets – a Big Book!

Little did I appreciate when Carolyn sent me the above picture of a book she had acquired what a whopper it was until she brought it over for me to have a look at. The pages are on a thick cartridge paper with the biggest being some 4ft long as you can see in the … Read more

Leatherwork Magazine

Leatherwork magazine

Last week when I heard the thump on the mat below my letterbox and realised that the second issue of a specialist leatherwork magazine had arrived I was delighted to look forward to a treat. ‘Waxing the Thread’ is a courageous dream realised for Gaynor Howell of GDH leatherwork who has, like many of us, … Read more

Silicone Glue Brush

Generally I have been applying glue using cotton buds and throwing them straight in the bin which, as we all know is a terrible waste. As an alternative I have just discovered how good silicone is for applying latex glue to anything, including leather. You can apply the wet glue and just wipe the brush … Read more

A bag of possibilities – possibles pouch – bike bag –

So my motorbike mad student Karen wants to make bags to hang on the side of petrol tanks which would be somewhat weather resistant. I started off thinking of using plastic food containers as the inner waterproof box but plastic didn’t quite have the right feel for a biker or many people who dislike plastic … Read more

Leather Pen Pouch & Simple Journal cover

A recent client wanted an anniversary gift for her husband who is a notebook and pen aficionado. The brief was a sturdy pen case for three pens plus a pocket and a no frill journal cover with a business card pocket.  

Hand Stitched Suede Belt

A friend got in touch to explain that he had hunted high and low to find a belt to match his sandy coloured suede shoes and could I oblige. I used virtually matching chap suede from Le Prevo along with one of their raised keep buckles and hand stitched the whole thing with tiger thread.  … Read more

Bogu Bag – Protection equipment for Kendo bag

For those of you who are Kendo enthusiasts and have found this blog due to the title you will appreciate the fine work and Japanese esthetic of this wonderful work from one of my dearest leatherwork students, Deirdre from Northern Ireland, who featured in my blog in August 2014 when she was a newbie leatherworker. … Read more

Saddlers Clamp Workstation

This saddlers clam workstation was inspired by Nigel Armitage – (check out his YouTube Videos) it really is the most useful piece of kit for relaxing leatherwork stitching as it is totally self supporting. It was nick named stumpy by one of my students, Gareth who has since gone on to make one.

Mora Knife sharpening

Most of you who have been on one of my courses will have been given a Mora bushcraft knife and made a sheath to go with it. Here is a great video of Ben Orford made by Zed Outdoors to show you how to keep it sharp and in tip top condition.