Leather Suppliers List

The good folk at ‘Leather UK’ – info@leatheruk.org – www.leatheruk.org have just published this useful list of leather suppliers in the UK and said it was ok to share it with you.

Lockdown Project

During the lockdown we all need to have a go at something  with perhaps limited amounts of leather and we have run out of ideas – hence this one to pimp up my hammer! and practice the butt stitch. I trust the pictures explain if not get in touch. If you have never done butt … Read more

Leather Cream

I have for many years made my own wood wax/cream/oil using natural beeswax melted and mixed in an oil carrier such as Linseed or Walnut. for a standard jam jar you need 150ml of warmed oil and melt 15gms of beeswax until there is no visible wax left (Be very careful with naked flames as … Read more

Tools – do I really need any more!

Quality tools

The answer in truth is obviously no but when one comes across some lovely quality that is also aesthetically very pleasing one can’t help but acquire. Black Mountain Leather  Company are a family run business in the Black Mountains South Wales. Looking to support the leathercraft community with products we have struggled to get inside … Read more

Leather Size of Full Butt & Belt cutting

Those of you that have done a course with me will remember me saying that I rarely buy leather from the butt as I generally use shoulder.  However I took the opportunity of this offering from Le Prevo for a Full Butt of Italian Natural veg tan in 3-3.5mm primarily as I needed belt strips … Read more

Manorside Leather

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful team from Manorside Fabrics to give them a workshop in working with Veg Tan leather from their own stock. They have a sister company called Manorside Leather which, as you will see from the pictures, Stocks a huge range of chrome leathers and a limited, … Read more

Leather and Ash Stool

After completing the Ash dowl and leather chair the folding stool was next on my list of projects.  In many ways more difficult than the chair (to get everything to sit flat rather than twisted) but a very comfortable and useful stool.

Leather Strap Cutting – Workspace

My studio is 9.5 x 12 feet so not small at 114 sq ft but with a couple of work benches and some shelving the floor space left is not enough to roll out a full shoulder when its time to cut some straps. It is not everyday that this is necessary so what is … Read more

GG Leather Tools

Graham Williams was for many years a tool maker at the Joseph Dixon tool works in Walsall. With the imminent demise of the company Graham set to and created his own little workshop to continue the tradition of hand made leatherwork tool in Walsall. I have used his American race (right in the pic) for … Read more