Bogu Bag – Protection equipment for Kendo bag

Hand made leather Bogu Bag

For those of you who are Kendo enthusiasts and have found this blog due to the title you will appreciate the fine work and Japanese esthetic of this wonderful work from one of my dearest leatherwork students, Deirdre from Northern Ireland, who featured in my blog in August 2014 when she was a newbie leatherworker.

It had always been her ambition to make a ‘Bogu Bag’ and has developed her skills over the intervening months to a really high standard and more so has developed her design capabilities alongside so that she has now succeeded in her desire for her ‘Bogu Bag'[hr]

Shaped reverse
Shaped reverse / back pack strap


After receiving the first pictures with Deidre saying “It only took me two years, but I finally made a bogu bag. Going to test it, but pretty happy with general result”

My initial response was “Stunning Stunning Stunning” followed up with a more considered response:-

Really well done with this –  in reality it has taken 2 years to design it  – which was always the tricky issue – NOW solved  – and a lovely design it is – love the curved back, cinch straps to draw in the top neatly – convertible back pack carry strap and neat top storage for jacket – what more could anybody want?[hr]


I am genuinely delighted with what Deirdre has achieved in getting to this point in her leatherwork journey and it it fills me with delight and pride.

With much generosity of spirit Deirdre wrote back to me:-

Domo arigato gozamashita sensei 🙂

If you would like to acquire one of these masterpieces please contact me and I will forward your details on to Deidre.[hr]

Bogu bag
Base with feet
Bogu Bag
Cinch straps
Bogu Bag