Advanced Green Woodwork

His First Chair
With no woodwork experience at all, James  Lovick-Earl spent 9 days in July on an advanced green woodwork course with Tim Gatfield and produced this magnificent chair with crinoline stretcher and curved arm supports.
James, 22 and an aspiring Police officer, was bought the course by his grandparents who had both made chairs in Clissett Wood when Tim was apprentice there. They thought it would broaden his horizons and challenge him.
James indeed found the work challenging but also supremely fulfilling and is justifiably proud of his chair, his initial caution being replaced with enthusiasm and the desire to come back for more.

It was great to see ‘younger’ people on such a course with both Will and Elliot being under 20 and again making great chairs as can be seen in the picture (right). All of the makers except one were creating their first chair so well done Jerry, Dave, Margaret, Peter, James, Will, Elliot and Bill (who made 2 chairs to match the 2 he made last year).

For more pictures keep scrolling down – I have also added pictures of subsequent advanced projects form subsequent courses.

My first Chair
Was a more simple affair than those above – it is more organic and often referred to as as a hedgerow chair, Ash legs, Elm seat, Holly spindles, Yew comb and Oak wedges.



A selection of pictures has dropped out of here I will replace them as soon as I can.