Leather Archery Gear – with a little wood thrown in!

I have teamed up with Marc Grady of:- The Longbow Emporium – near Hereford http://www.longbowemporium.co.uk/index.html – to make leather archery gear for him.

Marc is a master Bowyer  and has so many longbows to make he does not have the time to complete the leatherwork he is asked to make, so has invited me to help fill the void.

It was clear that I had to have my own style to differentiate and to offer an alternative  to the archery community. By their nature the longbow community are traditionalists so nothing avant-garde and I wanted to exploit my interest in wood, Yew in particular, as this has strong resonance with traditional archers.

With the points of the arrows ruining many quivers the first prototype incorporated a wooden base which Marc now turns in Yew for the quiver and drinks holder whilst I am making the gussets for the belt pouch.

Those that know me will understand my reluctance to dye leather when I am selling items due to the patchy results. I therefore asked Alan Crack from AA crack and Sons (http://www.aacrack.co.uk/catalogue.asp?page=home)  to recommend a suitable leather available in both 2-2.5mm and 3.5-3.6mm, matching colours and with some character – He came up with his Stevadore range which I am delighted with and has a great range of colours and fantastic character.

I have spent the last 3 days making a set of samples for Marc all from the same leather (colour –  Conker) but photographed with varying light hence the colour discrepancies.

The range will have a name soon – Maybe ‘Woodland End Range’ and initially will be available in a colour I am calling Conker.

Any feedback – much appreciated?


The Collection

Collection - 1
The Current Collection in Conker


For ease of transport the whole collection is contained in the Archers Bag which will be made the correct size to house the Quiver (600mm) if required and of matching leather. Making it long enough for arrows is a little unwieldy at some 850mm but if you insist it can be done. See separate arrow case further down.

Archers Bag - 1
The Archers bag is made to measure – this one is 400mm.

and in more detail:-


Quiver - 6
The full rig includes straps and belt hook for ease of removal
Quiver - 2
The main connection to the quiver is via a super size Sam Brown button.
Quiver - 7
Base detail and Large Sam Brown connection.
Quiver - 3
The arrow divider is a piece of arrow shaft – can be removed if you do not want it or glued in place when you are happy with position.
Quiver - 1
The turned Yew base is a real delight.

Version 2 Quiver - 8   Quiver - 5 Quiver - 4

Arrow Case

A poly prop tube encased in the same leather as the quiver. Adjustable shoulder strap which holds the lid securely and prevents it getting lost. Made to measure length from 28-34″ and priced at £300-£350. Holds 12 arrows comfortably.

Arrow Case - 6 Arrow Case - 7



Arrow Case - 1 Arrow Case - 2 Arrow Case - 3 Arrow Case - 4 Arrow Case - 5


Belt and Belt Hook

A matching belt enhances any quiver and the optional belt hooks can be used for all manner of additional items you may wish to carry.

Belt and Hook - 1 Belt and Hook - 4 Belt and Hook - 2 Belt and Hook - 3














Bracer - 1
The bracer is attached to the arm with elastic shock cord wrapped around Sam Brown posts.
Bracer - 4
the reverse is lined with suede pigskin lining which is glued on and then hand stitched all of the way around.
Bracer - 2
The shock cord is secured to a hand sewn arrow shaped tab but the cord is free to be shortened if necessary.
Bracer - 3
The other end has an adjustable tab for the perfect fit. [hr]

Pocket and/or Belt Quiver

Pocket-Belt Quiver - 4
This quiver has a welt to ensure a better fit for the arrows and the points will not damage the thread at the bottom.
Pocket-Belt Quiver - 5
The belt tab is cut at the bottom so you can attach to belt without removing belt from trousers.

Pocket-Belt Quiver - 1 Pocket-Belt Quiver - 2


















Score card

Bespoke score card pad with perforated sheets to tear off and store in the pocket at the back.

Has ring to hang from standard belt hook  but is not supplied with one.

Score Card - 1 Score Card - 2 Version 2 Score Card - 4

Belt Pouch with Yew sides.

Big enough for iphone 5, tabs, pencil, etc — can be made different sizes to order.

Belt Pouch - 4 Belt Pouch - 3 Belt Pouch - 2 Belt Pouch - 1

















Drinks Holder / Belt Pouch

This is still the prototype – it will have a turned base the same as the Quiver in due course and the optional lid will have the same which turns the cup holder into a novel belt pouch if you prefer.

Drinks Holder - 1
Drinks Holder
container - 2
Belt Pouch can be made any height.
Drinks Holder - 2
Belt Loop