Belt bag – Purse – possibles pouch

Christina came on a 2 day introduction to Leatherwork Course with a mission in mind to make a Navy Blue Belt and Bag to be worn over her Navy blue winter wool coat when she was out walking and wanted her hands free to manage the dogs but needed to safely carry her phone, credit cards and keys.

Christina did a great job of the design which I think has good dimensions, look and shape. It measures 150 x 115 x 40 and is just lovely. Pictures of the original are below then keep strolling down for my homage to the Christina Bag:-

Christina's actual Bag - 4
Christina Bag
Christina's actual Bag - 5
Belt loop on reverse








Christina's actual Bag - 3
40mm depth
Christina's actual Bag - 2
Matching Belt










Christina's actual Bag - 6
Matching Key Chain
Christina's actual Bag - 1
Sam Brown stud for flap








The Christian Bag is such a winner I made this version which I will use to teach other students:-

Christina Bag - 1
Added stitching around flap
Christina Bag - 3
I would sew belt loop if I was selling them.








Christina Bag - 2
40mm depth is plenty in use
Christina Bag - 4
Of course this can be used as a regular purse without the belt and just slip the belt on when you need it.