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This new website leads on leatherwork and leatherwork courses, as that is how I am making my living. For those of you interested in green woodwork, and other stories these will be posted in Stories with a button in the footer of each page or click here

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The back story:-

Over the past 12 years I have enjoyed the peace and beauty of our great British woodlands which have much to offer throughout the seasons. My historic interest in woodwork led me to taking up green woodwork as a serious hobby which I enjoy throughout the year but mainly from March to October when there is sufficient light and warmth to work outside.

Increasingly I have been drawn in to assisting on green woodwork courses which led to me realising how much I enjoy and how much I get out of teaching.

Wanting to have a winter hobby I decided to teach myself leatherwork as way of making covers for my tools and bags to carry them in. Leatherwork is a great hobby as it takes very few tools and needs little space to create useful and beautiful items for yourself, family and friends.

After professional training from John Hagger I developed my skills and designed a series of training courses which I could run at The Cherrywood Project near Bath and more recently from my new home studio in Tewkesbury. Glos.

More recently I am increasingly making hand made leather goods for sale and invite any inquiries for one off items or for repeat items for re sale.

My great inspirations have been two men, Tim Gatfield of The Cherrywood Project, www.cherrywoodproject.co.uk


John Hagger of Tanner Bates, www.tannerbates.co.uk

both of whom are talented craftsmen, passionate about what they do and give generously of their skills and wisdom.[hr]

Over the past few years I have been a contributing writer to a magazine called ‘Living Woods’ which is a varied and thoroughly enjoyable read about everything woody. It is enthusiastically edited and published by Nick Gibbs who accepts subscriptions from www.living-woods.com Some of my stories on this site were first published in Living Woods.

There are to many to mention who have played a part in my fun and education in the woods but most of all I thank Ben Orford for getting me started by helping me make my own draw knife and his wife Lois who helped with my early leatherwork steps.

Ben is a great woodsman and tool maker and Lois a superb leatherworker amongst her many other skills   www.benandloisorford.com

Rob Exton